Ride Like the Legends Tour

Ride Like The Legends

We are excited to announce “Ride Like the Legends” MX training with Gary Semics and Ike De Jager.  A weekend jam-packed with training and fun events.  Saturday Agenda: – Training – Catered Meal – Bench Racing – Bonfire Sunday Agenda: – Motocross legends meet & greet – On track critique – Bang Bars with the […]

Dirt Bike Riding for Total Beginners – Part 3

Dirt Bike Riding for Beginners Part 3

Knowledge is power and luck always favors the better prepared. Instructor Ike De Jager goes over the ins and outs of track management and also addresses the importance of safety and mental training. 

Dirt Bike Riding for Total Beginners – Part 2

Dirt Bike Riding for Beginners Part 2

You’ve successfully completed the first part (Part 1) of your training and now it’s time to move onto phase 2. Instructor Ike De Jager goes over what you can expect to achieve in this phase of your training.

Motocross Summer Camp 2020

MX Summer Camp

It’s been a while since 20/20 Racing Academy held a Summer Camp. Ike De Jager has facilitated many at tracks all over the country. We are hoping this will be the start of many to come.

20/20 Racing and the Make-A-Wish Foundation

This is the article posted in March 2016, when 20/20 Racing Academy’s Ike De Jager helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation grant a young man his wish of learning how to ride a dirt bike:

Whoops Challenge

Whoops Challenge

MX rider and instructor 70 year old Ike De Jager illustrates how to negotiate MX Whoops and very thick, heavy dirt.

Why You Need Dirt Bike Coaching

I have often wondered why so many potentially good riders never recognize the need for a qualified coach to assist and train them in reaching their racing goals.